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2/2/2021  Vermilion to release their 1st single of 2021, Your Love,  penned by guitarist Ryan Shive, drummer Steve Shive, & vocalist, Brooke Shive, featuring Brooke  on lead vocals.  The song is a story of a love so overwhelming that it's at the same time exciting and beautiful, but also terrifying and almost like drowning. "The interplay between the emotional singing of Brooke Shive and the violin is extremely beautiful" !  

12/2/2020  Vermilion to release a Covid-19 inspired memorial Christmas song, dedicated to & inspired by the almost 290,000 lost lives, penned by drummer Steve Shive, featuring Bill Monaghan on lead vocals, along with Steve on acoustic guitar, bells  and drums.  The song is a sad but hopeful Christmas song, and his way of remembering these times with a mix of sad, and hopeful happiness .   Click her to read more.

05/03/18  Vermilion's song I Can't Believe was #2 on radio's Modern Classic Rock Countdown!!

02/26/17  Vermilion's song I Can't Believe was #5 on radio in December of 2016's Top Ten most listened to songs, and #5 in January's Top 50 most listened to songs, topping such artists as Queen, Eric Clapton AC/DC, Joan Jett and others!

10/13/16  All in the family: Vermilion fuses two generations of hard rock at Puck Live this weekend!

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