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Rock, Indie, Pop, Blues, Country

Years Active:

2014- Present







Vermilion was formed by the family trio of vocalist extraordinaire Brooke Shive, brother and guitarist/songwriter, Ryan David Shive and their father, drummer and songwriter, Steve Shive in early 2014.  Steve has worked with some of the best musicians on the planet.  He has played and recorded with R&R Hall of Famers, Daryl Hall, P-Funks Michael Hampton, David Lindley, Tim Moore, TJ Tindall, Robbie Dupree, Bob Weir's KingFish and the legendary New Orleans guitarist,Mason Ruffner (Bob Dylan, Daniel Lanois, Jimmy Page).  He has also worked with legendary producers like Ken Scott, Joe Hardy and Tom Marolda.  The amazing guitar work of Austin Johnson, also a contributing songwriter,  along with the very musical and driving bassist, Mark Jones, rounds out the current lineup.  Brooke and Steve, formerly the driving forces behind their band, Brooke Shive & the 45’s, decided to move in a younger fresher, musical direction, and the time was right to bring brother & son Ryan into their musical adventure.   The musical depth of this band in such a short time is nothing short of amazing, as all of the material they perform has been written since the bands inception. 

Ryan, Steve, Mark, Austin and Brooke have been writing, arranging and recording their infectious brand of indie/alt-rock, with influences of blues and country over that time, with the emphasis on american rock.  They also perform a few choice covers they have a strong connection with.  Their performances, led by the powerful, sensitive & emotional vocals by Brooke and her electric stage presence, have audiences roaring their approval!   They will most certainly rock you too!! 



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