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Vermilion was formed by the family trio of drummer extraordinaire Steve Shive,  his daughter, the powerful and emotional vocalist Brooke Shive Jamison, and son/brother and guitarist/songwriter, Ryan David Shive in early 2015.  Steve has worked with some of the best musicians on the planet.  He has played and recorded with R&R Hall of Famers, Daryl Hall, P-Funks Michael Hampton, in addition to David Lindley, Tim Moore, TJ Tindall, Robbie Dupree, Bob Weir's KingFish, and the legendary New Orleans guitarist, Mason Ruffner (Bob Dylan, Santana, Ringo Starr, Jimmy Page).  He has also worked with legendary producers like Ken Scott (Beatles, Elton John, Jeff Beck)) Joe Hardy (ZZ Top , Ry Cooder) and Tom Marolda.  Steve formed the band Brooke Shive & the 45's with his daughter Brooke Jamison bringing his veteran experience as a drummer and to bring his songwriting to the forefront.  The other reason,  it was a perfect platform for Brooke's fabulous vocal talent and her commanding stage presence.  After 7 years and some successful singles and an album, Way Past Gone, (the award winning title song) they decided to move in a younger fresher, musical direction, and the time was right to bring brother & son Ryan Shive into their musical adventures.   This was the birth of Vermilion.  The musical depth of this band in such a short time was amazing, as all of the material they performed has been written by either Steve or a collaboration between the 3.  They released a 3 song EP.  Then Covid-19 stopped all that. So, ever the intrepid musician, Steve  decided to concentrate on writing and releasing singles of his original songs written either by himself or with his musical collaborators.  This site has now become a place where fans of Vermilion, Brooke Shive & the 45's, and of Steve Shive's songs can visit.

You will find here a wide range of musical styles to enjoy.  From the roots based, blues, alt-country of Brooke Shive & the 45's, to the  infectious brand of indie/alt-rock of Vermilion, and of course the songs that Steve has been working on and is releasing now, and moving forward.  Steve's songs will feature other singers as well as Brooke,  as each song is like a play with a changing cast of characters, and of course, Steve's  always tasteful, sensitive & powerful drumming.   They will most certainly rock you too!! 

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Steve Shive



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